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Inferno Systems


Chantilly, VA 20151

Location: Chantilly, VA US
Security Clearance Requirement: TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph
Clearance Status: Must be Current

Inferno Systems is currently looking to hire individuals for our Computer Operator position. Candidates should have a minimum of 11 years of related experience, have a solid background in the Penetration Test / Attack Lifecycle and be able to pivot and exploit while avoiding detection in high-security networks. The Computer Operator will be responsible for all phases of network exploitation and will be able to successfully attack and persist in customer networks, which include a diverse set of network hosts and devices. This job requires experience working in a highly technical environment, mentoring more junior penetration testers, assisting with team projects and being able to complete tasks under a short deadline. Individual positions within this labor category have additional qualification and competency requirements.

Understanding of technical risk assessment. Proven expertise at advanced levels in five of the following, to include ability to combine components into a functioning multi-layer network of heterogeneous devices and applications and ability to inspect and replicate a system of such components:

--Microsoft Windows Operating System, all versions supported during previous five years.
--UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, etc.) Operating System, all versions supported during previous five years.
--Linux variant Operating System, all versions supported during previous five years.
--BSD variant Operating System, all versions supported during previous five years.
--C/C++ Language software development.
--Java Language software development.
--Scripting language software development.
--Database Administration and application development with Oracle, SQL Server, and/or MySQL.
--Wireless (WiFi/WiMax/Bluetooth) technology (hardware or core software).
--Wired telephony technology (hardware or core software).
--Mobile telephony technology (hardware or core software).
--Ubiquitous core network device (switch/router/hub) technology (hardware or core software).
--Advanced GIAC and/or (ISC)2 network/cyber security specialties.

--Must have experience working in Linux and have recent experience with Linux network security tools (i.e. Metasploit, Netcat, BurpSuite, NMAP, IPTables and SELinux, etc.)
--Motivated self-starter with an analytical focus, problem solving skills, time management skills, and a passion for computer, network, or cyber security.
--Hands-on experience with common scripting/programming languages to automate tasks and/or parse data. (c++, BASH, Python, Power Shell, & Regex)
--Significant experience working in a command line environment with multiple Operating Systems.
--Understanding of Exploit methodology, processes and development.
--Understanding of network scanning
--Vulnerability analysis/assessment
--Proficiency working in Linux environment (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Solaris, Kali)
--Experience building virtual infrastructures with tools such as VMware / ESXi, Packer / Vagrant, Ansible and/or Puppet.

--A deep understanding of operating systems, networking protocols and system administration of Linux systems.

Company Description

Inferno Systems, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We are a group of dedicated, fully-cleared security professionals who specialize in long and short term red team and penetration testing operations, infrastructure design and implementation, and end-to-end operations management.

We also build, operate and maintain large distributed password cracking systems based on the open-source Hashcat password cracking utility consisting of hundreds of GPUs and CPUs. We achieve a consistent high success rate against popular hash types such as NTLM, MD5, MD5Crypt and WPA2.

We have deep experience in detection avoidance in highly scrutinized environments, reverse engineering binaries and network protocols, and deploying remote capabilities. We have been successful in developing and maintaining complex red team operations in some of our customer's most highly monitored security environments.

In addition, we bring a wealth of experience performing systems engineering of complex platforms which assist in carrying out our customers' missions. We are able to anticipate advances in both offensive and defensive security technologies to stay ahead of adversaries and maintain a high operational tempo. Our professionals work with diverse data sets large and small to provide actionable information to both protect our customers' operations and meet their mission objectives.

Inferno Systems' employees drive our business. They are high performers who know our customers’ needs and can anticipate the strategies required to move forward. They are adept at working within an organization’s systems and structures to achieve superior results. And they are experienced with the challenges and opportunities presented by past, present and emerging technologies in both the public and private sectors. According to our clients, Inferno Systems' employees get the job done right the first time. We hire the best and treat them the best, so that our customers get the best.
Post Date:
Minimum Clearance:
Top Secret/SCI - With Full Scope Poly
Occasional travel
Minimum Experience Required:
10+ yrs experience
Job Category:
IT - Security
Compensation Comments:
Salary based on qualifications, e.g., years of experience, degree and specific technical certifications and abilities
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