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HUMINT Collection Manager


The Buffalo Group


Reston, VA 20191

Develops and implements a multi-platform, national level, DoD HUMINT collection. Provides guidance to HUMINT targeting officers, to include identifying HUMINT leads, supervising actionable Lead Coordination Packages (LCP), etc. It also coordinates with intelligence analysts from all agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC) on intelligence requirements, which are then relayed to collection platforms”. Assist in developing processes that focus on situational understanding of threat networks and enabling DOD and Intelligence partners focused on dismantling, disrupting, and defeating those networks to affect immediately actionable targets. Prioritizing and categorizing requests for support, conduct near- and long-term analyses of network-centric problem sets, fusing multiple intelligence disciplines to support the application of operational capabilities in order to facilitate disruption and defeat of threat networks. Write posture statements, Issue Manager Memorandums, and collection emphasis Messages to assure that pertinent analysis reaches field elements as well as policy makers. Influence and align operations and analysis to satisfy national and theater level requirements through identifying opportunities to provide timely and accurate support to ongoing time sensitive operations. Utilize a strong operational background and relevant experience in shaping intelligence products that support tactical or strategic goals set forth by the supported unit commander and have continually displayed an understanding of threat networks as well as the local, regional, and global networks that facilitate terrorist activities in an assigned area of focus.

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Paul O'Brien
The Buffalo Group
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