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Arabic Linguist, CAT III


WorldWide Language Resources, LLC


Outside Continential United States - US (Primary) Other

You may be assigned to a specific country but understand due to mission requirements you may be temporarily or indefinitely assigned to a neighboring country.

•Must be ready, willing and able to change day-to-day work/tasks as the mission requirements at the assigned location may be fluid with lots of movement and change.

•Ability to think quickly and deal with issues that may arise professionally, timely and appropriately.

•Typing ability, basic computer skills, use of Windows, MS Word and MS Excel.

•Conduct oneself in accordance with the local culture and customs.

•Ability to function effectively and efficiently during extended periods of high pressure and stress.

•May be requested to operate a Government furnished vehicle in support of operations.

•All Linguists may be required to go on missions (outside the wire) and be physically fit to perform these duties.​

◦Lift at least 30 pounds over head

◦Walk at least 5km in rough terrain

◦Carry 30+ pound backpack and/or gear with minimal effort

•Read, write, listen and speak with clear and concise grammar and pronunciation in the required foreign language(s) and English. Provide idiomatic (particular language or dialect) translations of material using correct structure of sentences in the required foreign language and English. Conduct consecutive, accurate translations and interpretations of on-going conversations and activities. Position may include, but is not limited to:​

◦DOCEX = document translation

◦VERBAL TRANSLATION = may work in-side or out-side doing verbal translations with local people, law enforcement/police, military, government officials

◦AUDIO TRANSLATION = may work in-side or out-side listening to recorded or real-time audio

◦TRAIN/SUSTAIN OPERATIONS = may work in-side or out-side providing cultural, translation, interpretation, training or other type of support for mission requirements

•Position requires all employees to be available to work any hours and any days depending on mission requirements.

•Work is in extreme, austere, harsh conditions.

•May be required to work outside and inside depending on mission requirements.

•Living conditions may be austere and harsh.

• Working environment is deployed to inherent overseas country(ies) that may be possible war zones and have considerable risk as part of the assignment

Company Description

​WorldWide Language Resources was established in 1995 to provide U.S. and allied governments, corporations, non-profits and non-governmental organizations with highly skilled linguists, cultural experts, role players, intelligence analysts and other professionals. We support a wide range of operational missions and environments globally, from executive boardrooms in major international cities to austere mission areas. Our core business is language support services.
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Minimum Clearance:
Top Secret
100% - Road Warrior
Minimum Experience Required:
5+ yrs experience
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Unspecified annual salary
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