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Joint Fires Observer (JFO) Instructor


People, Technology and Processes LLC


Fort Sill, OK 73503



The U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill (USAFCOEFS), 428th FA Brigade Fort Sill, OK has a requirement to provide resident and Mobile Training Team (MTTs) JFOC instruction to multi-service and coalition students attending FABOLC and 2E-F233/250-ASIL7. The candidate shall will academic and simulator instruction; operate and maintain the Call for Fire Trainers (CFFT) simulators and Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE); provide input to Government training developers for the Joint Fires Observer (JFO) Program of Instruction (POI); and, maintain and update lesson plans.


* The full spectrum of training includes but is not limited to classroom, hands-on, simulation/virtual, field environment and exercises, combat scenario driven, and live fire in a realistic and safe environment. Training requirements shall be for resident and non-resident training courses and in support of mobile training teams (MTTs). Conduct of instruction shall also be in support of specialized training requirements or the training of new systems. The Instructor shall also participate as a SME in developing revisions of the POIs, Lesson Plans and Training Support Packages (TSP) to remedy any deficiencies or shortcomings identified during the preparation for and conduct of instruction.
* The Instructor shall follow the Government provided Program of Instruction (POI) and prepare to teach to standard the contents of each POI.
* The Instructors shall evaluate students on JTAC and JFO tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) under field, simulated, and classroom conditions. Instructor personnel who are PTACs and JFOs shall maintain currency through continued simulated evaluations. The instructors/operators shall serve as both primary instructors and SMEs for:
+ Close Air Support which is defined as: "Air action by fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces and that require detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of those forces."
+ Observed Fire Procedures which is defined as: "Planning and coordinating fire support for the maneuver commander, locate and engage targets utilizing calls for indirect fire to mortars, field artillery and naval surface fire support assets and battlefield information reporting."
* The Instructors shall administer examinations, evaluate test results, correlate test results of the students' ability, and provide recommendations to academic deficiency panels on changes and student status.
* The Instructors shall analyze individual and class academic duty performance, and shall provide recommendations for improvement to the COR concerning course materials, methods of instruction, and performance evaluation when requested.
* The Instructors shall monitor, set-up, tear down, stage for shipment, and operate a Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT) simulator (or future simulator replacement) as part of the POI on JFO procedures in resident and as a part of a mobile training team. In the event of a simulator malfunction, the instructor shall coordinate with the COR to fix the simulator problem.



* US Citizen
* All PTAC Instructors shall possess qualifications of, or have been a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) or Forward Air Controller (Airborne) (FAC(A)). All instructors shall audit the JFO course prior to certification. All personnel shall have a minimum of three years JTAC/ FAC(A) experience.
+ JTAC QUALIFICATIONS: Three (3) years of verifiable JTAC experience.
o JTAC experience starts after successfully graduating from an accredited JTAC Qualification Course and being subsequently certified as a JTAC. Verifiable is defined by providing a copy of the JTAC certification (AF Form 8, AF Form 3827, or a Terminal Attack Control Evaluation form or Service equivalent), which provides the date the individual was certified as a JTAC. This ensures the certification has been documented by the Government. These are the only forms the Government will accept as verification of JTAC experience.
o As an alternative, personnel that do not possess the above qualifications shall have audited an accredited JFO course of instruction, and meet the following:
# Successfully graduated from a FAC(A) course of instruction, and shall have 3 years verifiable experience as a FAC(A).
+ FAC (A) QUALIFICATION: Three (3) years of verifiable FAC(A) experience. FAC(A) experience starts after successful completion of a FAC(A) course of instruction. Verifiable FAC(A) experience is defined as: proof of certification logged in an Official Flight Record, AF Form 8, or Service equivalent.
+ Operational Experience: Operational Experience is defined as three years at an operational unit while performing JTAC or FAC(A) duties. This time shall be active time. If claiming Guard, Reserve or other time, the total drill time shall equal 3 years. Three years at a Guard or Reserve unit drilling one weekend a month and two weeks per year does not meet this requirement.
+ Combined Experience: In lieu of 3 years verifiable JTAC/FAC(A) experience, a combination of 8 years of continuous Active Military service can be combined with a minimum of 2 years of Operational JTAC/FAC(A) experience to satisfy the experience requirement.
+ Combined Experience: In lieu of 3 years verifiable JTAC/FAC(A) experience, a combination of 8 years of continuous Active Military service can be combined with a minimum of 2 years of Operational JTAC/FAC(A) experience to satisfy the experience requirement.
* HONORABLE DISCHARGE: Only those with a DD Form 214 reflecting an Honorable Discharge shall be eligible for employment under this contract.


About the company:

As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) we are a provider of Information Technology (IT) professional services, software solutions and professional development training. Our core competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web Based Knowledge Portals and Portal Services, Server/System Services, SharePoint Development and System Administration and SQL Server Services. Our capabilities have expanded to include software development, technical training support and field support services.

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o Supplemental benefits (Short Term Disability, Cancer & Accident).
o Employer-sponsored Basic Life & AD&D Insurance
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