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Identity Operations Manager (TSOC)



The purpose of this task is to provide contracted subject matter expertise (SME) for Identity Operations Manager (IOM) support to SOF and mission critical interagency partners in response to the USSOCOM Commander's Priorities. The contractor shall support and assist the Government with synchronizing biometric, forensic, and DOMEX collections by recommending and/or drafting plans, Request For Forces (RFF), CONOPs / orders, policy, partner nation MOA/MOUs, and coordinating documentation to facilitate SOF equities and set the operational stage to obtain necessary global access and authorities.


* Provide overall identity operations technical expertise, research, evaluation, and staff support for SOF identity operations at each supported TSOC, interagency partner, and COCOM that includes preparing draft copy of host organization standard identity operations staff documentation (White / information Papers, Briefings, routing / staffing documents, agendas, timelines, trip reports etc.).
* Provide technical expertise, share information on lessons learned, identify common operational requirements and develop biometric, forensic, and DOMEX processes to support the unique needs of each theater, supported agency, and commander.
* Provide drafts of identity related plans, policy documentation, partner nation or interagency MOA/MOUs, CONOPS, orders or supporting identity operations Annexes/Appendixes to address SOF equities world-wide that lead to global access and operational authorities.
* Deconflict, synchronize, and coordinate biometric, forensic, and DOMEX issues to achieve consensus in support of SOF identity operations.
* Review identity operations capabilities, tactics, techniques and procedures to synchronize and report best practices across SOF missions and operations.
* Support USSOCOM Tactical Evaluation events through planning and coordinating activities.
* Advise the Commander in the areas of biometric, DOD biometric, forensic, and DOMEX capabilities and operations and document identity operational requirements in support of TSOC, interagency partner, and COCOM missions.
* Remain current on emerging identity related technologies in the areas of live / latent fingerprint collection, iris scans, facial recognition, voice pattern analysis, DNA, hand geometry and behavioral patterns.
* Support host organizations to leverage the DOD biometrics enabled watch list process (BEWL).
* Conceive, plan and evaluate capabilities to meet requirements of both current and future COCOM/TSOC identity operations. Includes recommending process change decisions, applying deployed force lessons learned, and improving DOD biometrics architecture requirements to support commander's unique regional requirements.
* Coordinate or participate in tactical biometric, forensic, or document and media (DOMEX) exploitation studies, evaluations, testing, and / or provide Subject Matter Expertize to assist in the development of effective remedies.

Education and Certifications:

Knowledge and Experience:

* 2-years of experience serving as an action officer in a TSOC or equivalent 1-to-3-Star level command.
* 2-years of experience serving in a SOF operational or tactical unit.
* 1 year of experience writing plans, policy, CONOPS, orders, or MOA/MOUs at a TSOC or equivalent 1-to-3-Star level command.

About the company:

As a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) we are a provider of Information Technology (IT) professional services, software solutions and professional development training. Our core competencies evolved from leveraging IT enablers for knowledge management with an emphasis on Web Based Knowledge Portals and Portal Services, Server/System Services, SharePoint Development and System Administration and SQL Server Services. Our capabilities have expanded to include software development, technical training support and field support services.

Our Mission:

People, Technology, and Processes will be the leading, most trusted, knowledge management and information technology company delivering best value business solutions through cutting edge products and services to improve organizations and increase revenue.

Our Vision
"We make the world better by moving information to create knowledge where it is needed"

Guiding Principles
* Satisfy the customer - "Exceed expectations"
* Set the Example - "Be out front"
* Be Responsive - "Timing is everything"
* Persevere - "Find a way"

Core Competencies
* Knowledge Management
* .NET Web Applications
* SharePoint Development
* Content Management
* Server/System Support
* New Equipment Training
* Web-Based Portal Services


PTP offers a comprehensive benefits program:

* Medical insurance
* Dental insurance
* Vision insurance
* Supplemental benefits (Short Term Disability, Cancer & Accident).
* Employer-sponsored Basic Life & AD&D Insurance
* Employer-sponsored Long Term Disability
* 401(k)

Holidays and Annual Leave
* 10 Paid Holidays
* 3 weeks of Paid Time Off
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Top Secret/SCI
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IT - Security
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