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AFCAP Electrical Engineer


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AFCAP Electrical Engineer/Option for site lead, Ali Al Salem Airbase, Kuwait

The Air Force Civilian Augmentation Program for Logistics Electrical Engineer performs design planning, prepares initial cost estimates, assists with design reviews, and provides construction support for approximately 10 large projects per year and design assistance, cost estimating, and construction support for approximately 30 smaller projects per year. This includes assistance for design work for new construction, renovation, and improvement projects for real property facilities, including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Design projects are related to a wide variety of facilities and infrastructure systems, including: earthwork; airfield and roadway pavement systems; high and low voltage electrical systems; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); water and sewage (plumbing); fire suppression; control and alarm systems; etc. which interface with other engineering specializations. Specific responsibilities of the AFCAP Electrical Engineer include:

* Interprets, adapts traditional methods and approaches in developing design calculations, layouts, drawings, and specifications that support project objectives and standards.

* Assists in preparing conceptual studies and sketches that indicate pertinent design features, material, equipment, and specifications.

* Develops cost estimates and time schedules, review and analyze preliminary and final designs, plans, and specifications for technical efficiency and adequacy.

* Prepares necessary correspondence, technical reports, fact sheets, and status reports and prepare or oversee the preparation of final construction drawings.

* Assists in coordinating all design phases with appropriate managers and staff elements, and maintain current engineering data for assigned projects.

* May act as a project liaison assistant with Army Corps of Engineers or other design agencies as required to gather information, objectives and action items to be presented to the COR to gain direction from the Government.

* Assists in the preparation of architect and engineer (A&E) statements of work (SOW).

* Assists in providing technical review of A&E design calculations, cost estimates, analyses, drawings, and specifications to ensure compliance with project requirements.

* Presents technical review comments to the COR to gain direction from the Government and may assist as a technical representative for negotiation and/or administration of contracts.

* Coordinates projects with engineers in other disciplines or with architects, and applies knowledge of other disciplines to determine coordination required to ensure all design considerations have been addressed.

* Advises and assists in monitoring projects for new construction, renovations, and improvements to real property facilities, including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of engineering.

* Oversee projects which on a recurring basis include work on airfield runways, utility systems, base utility plants, aircraft maintenance shops/hangars, recreation facilities, administrative offices, dormitories, etc. Performs detailed pre-construction site surveys, and prepare or review as-built drawings at the end of construction.

* Assists in maintaining surveillance over construction to ensure overall compliance with contracted specifications, and schedules.

* Assists in providing technical evaluations of construction bids, develops and/or reviews specifications and schedules for utility services for the construction period.

* Assists in the inspection and oversight of construction, and shall provide complete technical recommendations for change orders prior to construction contract modification.

* May be involved with the Judge Advocate General's office on other entity performance problems and may provide technical recommendations.

* Uses computers/computer software such as information management programs (e.g., Microsoft Office), computer aided design and drafting (CADD) programs (e.g., AutoCAD), and project tracking programs (e.g., Microsoft Project) and other engineering design calculation software packages to solve engineering problems with solutions presented to the COR to facilitate work.

* Assists in construction management, programming/base development, and/or operations and maintenance (O&M) functions.

* Monitors/manages construction projects for new construction, renovations, and improvements to real property facilities from start to finish, including the performance of pre-construction site surveys all the way to completion of as-built drawings.

* Performs requirements programming in support of base development to include validating requirements to be performed by others, performing economic analyses, and coordinating with the installation facilities board.

* Perform a wide range of engineering duties surrounding O&M functions to encompass the maintenance, repair, upgrade, and operation of a variety of infrastructure facilities and utilities.

* Calculates general utility demands to include electrical demand, HVAC demand, water demand, and wastewater supply for beddown of personnel, equipment and facilities.

* Implements Air Force siting criteria to include applicable UFC and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) criteria for force protection and layout of air bases.

* Ensures all project plans contain the correct utility connections and are properly planned as approved by the Chief of Engineering.

* Complies with health, safety, and environmental rules and procedures and perform work in a manner that enhances the safety of the work environment. Ensures federal and local codes concerning health, safety, and environment are strictly adhered to in the programming, design, and construction of real property facilities.

* Engineer(s) must have the capability to perform basic functions (e.g., manipulate drawings, site/floor plans) in AutoCAD 2007 or newer.
* Must have a minimum of 5 years of design experience (10 years if the site manager or construction manager)
* Be capable of providing assistance in complete design services including power load determination, exterior electric, interior electric, and site lighting.
* Must possess a current SECRET Level Department of Defense clearance.
* Medical/Dental Requirements: All personnel must take medical and dental examinations and meet the US Central Command medical requirements. This includes obtaining the required immunizations for travel to Kuwait.
* Deployment Processing: All personnel must travel to Tyndall Air Force Base, FL and then process through the deployment processing center.
* 4 year degree in engineering.
* Proficiency in utilizing CAD and other PC software packages typically associated with engineering is required.
* Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certificate may be required.
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No Traveling
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5+ yrs experience
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Engineering - Electrical
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