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Bilingual Staff Detainee Liaison


XLA, Inc.


Detroit, MI 48201


XLA is looking for multiple candidates to work as a Bilingual Staff Detainee Liaison in support of our government customer's mission. Here is what you will be doing:

1. Staff-Detainee Liaison:   Act as a conduit and liaison for ERO officers to receive and respond to requests, questions, and concerns from the detainee population. The SDL will also work with ERO field personnel and detention facility staff to address and resolve these matters directly with the detainee population.

2. Language Interpretation and Translation Services:   Provide Spanish language interpretation support for a wide variety of ERO activities, both for ERO officers and detention facility staff. Maintain access to an updated network of interpreters for other commonly encountered languages in detention. Provide required ad hoc translation services for documents during intake and for medical services.

3. Special Populations and Programs:   Address ERO field personnel and detention facility staff questions or concerns about specific detainees, including, but not limited to, specialized services and supports for transgender, disabled, pregnant, and limited English proficient individuals.

4. Safe and Secure Detention Environment:   Provide additional services that will support a safe and secure detention environment and prevent critical incidents, as determined by ERO field personnel and detention facility leadership. For instance referring detainees to appropriate personnel for assistance and follow-up (medical, mental health, religious services, SAAPI/PREA, legal access, etc.).

5. Headquarter Notification and Data Entry Requirements:   Support required headquarters notifications and inquiries such as Detention Reporting and Information Line (DRIL), sexual assault, segregation, and reasonable accommodations notifications among others.

6. Other Duties:   Other duties as assigned by ERO Field Office Leadership or the ACOR



* Must be eligible for DHS Security Clearance
* Minimum of an Associate's degree required. Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, political science, public policy, social work, law or other relevant field is preferred
* Minimum 3 years' experience
* Experience in immigration, detention, or confinement settings and policies (preferred, not required)
* Strong written and communication skills
* Bi-lingual (a minimum proficiency of a 2+ in Interpretation Performance according to the Interagency Language Roundtable Scale or its equivalent) Spanish and English required. Detailed information regarding the Interagency Language Roundtable Scale Descriptions can be found at the following website:
* Ability to multi-task and stay flexible in a dynamic work environment
* Must have a valid driver's license

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Dept of Homeland Security
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