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AAF Budget/Finance Trainer




Kabul Afghanistan


S upport the AAF Budget Consulting Training and Development Specialist in training the AAF A8 staff to be capable of formulating and executing an annual budget to ensure funds are spent in accordance with all AAF legal restrictions and guidance; train the same to deliver an automated budget system and to train the AAF A8 in Afghan fiscal law, the flow of funds, to run a Program Budget Advisory Committee, and to teach integrated program budgeting. Objectives include:

  • Achieve and maintain a working knowledge of all GIRoA accounting and budgetary policies, manuals, procedures and processes.

  • Trains under the AAF Budget Consulting Training and Development Specialist in the processes and procedures necessary for the implementation and execution of the AAF as an SBU.

  • Train on and develop training packages for the AAF A8 internal training program to cover current MOD budgeting processes that include end-of-year closeout procedures, out-cycle unfunded requirements and successfully defending budgets.

  • Train on and develop training packages for the AAF A8 to provide to subordinate A8 shops. This training will support input during the HQ financial decision process, and will define funding direction. Quarterly (or more often) training on implementing and reviewing this same process will be conducted at Kandahar and Shindand AAF bases.

  • Provide training to the AAF A8 to enable instruction needed for development of short-term financial plans, execution of current year budgets and in requesting increased fiscal and procurement authorities.

  • Train the AAF A8 in defining their Tashkil Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) and applicable Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI), and specifically the HQ finance auditor, or quality assurance auditor, ASI.

  • Train the AAF A8 on how to develop Task Lists for each position defining the tasks that each should be trained and certified on and train in combining these tasks into the AAF A8 Master Task List (MTL).

  • Train to align pay under A1 by providing needed background and training in BIOMETRIC and electric time and attendance and the automated Electronic Pay System (EPS).

  • Train the AAF A8 in operating within AAF command and authority lines to work fiscal requirements and budget level authority increases.

  • Tr ain in setting up procurement capabilities within AAF in support of AAF A8 secondary budge

  • T rain the AAF A8 to align MOD AT&L personnel at AAF HQ, and Kandahar and Shindand Air Wings with AAF-centric personnel at MOD AT&L, and to train AAF A8 to align AAF-centric personnel in CDMP to support AAF infrastructure requirements under the AAF secondary budget.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Officer or Senior NCO with experiene developing/implementing a budget system.

  • Ten years budget development/execution experience

  • Applicants must be able to pass CENTCOM medical, dental and other CRC-related deployment requirements at an approved CRC. Applicants must be in possession of a current/active US tourist Passport (with further eligibility to receive - if not already in possession of - a current Afghanistan visa). If candidate is already deployed, he/she must supply appropriate documentation satisfying these requirements along with confirmation that he/she is in physical possession of government-issued PPE to demonstrate compliance with CENTCOM deployment requirements.

  • Willing to work and live in Afghanistan and understand they can be further assigned to any location in Afghanistan based upon the needs of the U.S. Government

  • Willingness to work in hostile areas without a weapon

  • Willingness to deploy and live on forward operating bases without regular U.S. Post/Base Exchange and Commissary facilities

  • Previous experience training foreign military soldiers.

  • Deployed operational experience in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)

  • MS Office Skills

  • Personal Computer (PC) Skills

  • Interpersonal and People Skills

  • Oral and Written Communication Skills

  • Organizational Skills

Required Qualifications:

Operational training and advising experience in OEF/OIF

  • Officer or Senior NCO with experience helping the Afghan Air Force to develop a budget system.

  • Previous experience training foreign military soldiers

  • Deployed operational experience in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)

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Military and Law Enforcement
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