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NGIC CITP Journeyman INA Intel Analyst




Charlottesville, VA 22901

Job Description

Job Title:
Journeyman IED and Insurgent Network Analyst (SA)
VICTOR42 CITP Program Manager
Position Classification:

Summary of Responsibilities:
The SA conducts all-source intelligence analysis to identify insurgent and IED networks, which include leaders, facilitators, financiers, cell members and bomb makers to identify potential targets for possible lethal and non-lethal action.
The SA assists with the training and mentoring of NAs and JAs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The SA produces intelligence assessments for formal production and release to the Intelligence Community (IC) and other consumers.
Coordinates with other NGIC offices, IC organizations and theater intelligence resources to gather additional information and share analytic conclusions.
Coordinate with other CITP teams, including WTI, the Direct Support SIGINT Element (DSSE), and NGA GEOINT support to produce assessments and targeting products.
Identifies new networks and targets on which to focus analytic efforts.
Develop regional network assessments of IED and insurgent networks.
Produce targeting support products for deployed forces.
Prepare and present intelligence briefings and presentations.
Evaluate information reporting and sources. Answer Requests for Information (RFI).
Develop Source Directed Requirements (SDR) Populate and Maintain CITP databases, production trackers and files.
Upon successful pre-deployment evaluation, is capable of deploying to low-risk assignments in the theaters of operation.
The SA is capable of deployment throughout theater of operation to conduct counterinsurgent and IED network analysis.

Knowledgeable of the Intelligence Cycle, Collection Management Cycle, Targeting Cycle and intelligence analytic techniques including trend and pattern analysis, geospatial analysis, link analysis and network or social network analysis.
The Contractor shall be experienced with data processing systems such as DCGS-A, CIDNE, and SIPRNET and JWICS search engines.
Working knowledge of i2 Analyst Notebook, AXIS Pro, WebTAS, ArcGIS, and Google Earth.
Be proficient at using basic computer applications and intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and product development; possess strong research, writing and editing skills; and be capable of managing teams of analysts in support of tactical, strategic and special operations forces conducting counter insurgent/IED targeting.

Understand intelligence requirements for both lethal and non-lethal targeting.
MOS 31D, 311D, 35F, 350F, 35D, 18F, 180A, or DoD joint service equivalent, or civilian 0132, 1811.
Background in counter-terrorism, counter insurgency, or counter IED analysis and experience as an intelligence or targeting analyst in Afghanistan.

Education Required:
Bachelor's Degree; may substitute years' experience for education requirement (if substituting, must have 5 years' experience).

Experience Required:
Government trained intelligence analysts with a minimum of 5 years of intelligence analysis and targeting experience; however, on a case-by-case basis a badge and credentialed Law Enforcement officer with at least 8 years' experience conducting investigations.
Must have TS/SCI.

The above noted job description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks that may be assigned but rather to give the employee a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of his/her position. As the nature of business demands change so, too, may the essential functions of this position.
Post Date:
Minimum Clearance:
Top Secret/SCI
No Traveling
Minimum Experience Required:
5+ yrs experience
Job Category:
$60,000 - $70,000 annual salary
Compensation Comments:
CONUS based with option to deploy at hire salary
Referral Bonus Comments:
$1500.00 Recruiting referral bonus
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