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AS A COMPANY Sentar is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) focused on providing solutions that push the frontier of network centric systems. Delivering technology and services supporting network centric systems--We supply Technology solutions, Software solutions, and Information Assurance solutions that empower our customers to leverage the future of their network centric system today. Sentar offers comprehensive information assurance and commercial software development services, military and aerospace contracting, advanced research and development and consulting services supporting process improvement (e.g., CMMI) and business process engineering. Sentar’s innovative research and development emphasizes software agent technologies that protect network and host computer resources from cyber attackers and malicious insiders. Sentar is the promises we make. We have a highly experienced and well trained staff, tested-under-fire development processes, and a proven track record of delivering timely, cost-effective solutions to a variety of customers. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT At Sentar, it is not just about providing the highest quality software technology services possible, it is about producing and cultivating the highest quality employees possible. Sentar prides itself on being an employee owned and employee focused business. At Sentar, employees are never just a number. Employees are also part owner through the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP); therefore, everyone has a voice in company decisions. We are the company. When we asked employees to describe how Sentar compares to previous employers, the most common response is our friendly environment that empowers productivity. Sentar’s greatest strengths are openness, flexibility, and support. Sentar realizes that employees are first and foremost people that need flexibility, honesty, and clear communication. Sentar is a family of colleagues working together in an environment that is both productive and fun. It is not uncommon to overhear laughter throughout the hallways. Twice a month, the entire company comes together for lunch to share a meal, share stories, share concerns, and share successes. Several times a year, employees and their families join together to celebrate both life and the success of the company. We are a small company that has become a growing family. We laugh together, support each other, and celebrate together. At Sentar, we are a collaborative team that encourages personal growth while providing a network of support along the way. Sentar, Inc. promotes creative and innovative atmosphere. New ideas are encouraged. Initiative is rewarded. Going into work every day, we have the potential to alter both the face of the company and the face of cyber security. We have more to offer than just a paycheck. Sentar offers the opportunity to explore new ideas, collaborate with colleagues, instigate new ventures, and work in an environment that is suitable for substantial growth. Every employee is the piece to the puzzle that makes up the Sentar family. Every employee adds a new facet of knowledge and a new perspective to our team. You are key to our growth.
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