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Special Security Officer

Special Security Officer

The primary purpose of the position is to serve as the Special Security Officer (SSO) and responsible for administering all classified collateral and sensitive compartmented information (SCI) programs; including associated activities related to information security, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), collateral spaces, and personnel security (access). The incumbent applies a comprehensive working knowledge of intelligence support operations, to include national and Director of National intelligence policies and procedures for the proper handling, use and safeguarding of classified national security information.

Supports the Director, Office of Security Operations, reporting on the administration of the collateral and SCI associated security programs; and determines the need for development 3 of and maintenance of current Memorandums of Agreement with organizations to ensure adherence to security standards.

Administers the SCI access security clearance program for all assigned personnel, ensuring all required clearances are up-to-date and completed. Tracks and administers SCI access across the Agency and ensures training requirements are met for all in-processing personnel to ensure mission readiness. Terminates or transfers SCI clearances for out-processing personnel. Responsible for providing oversight and ensuring compliance with security procedures for classified information, facilities and equipment, to include conducting inspections, issuing notices of security violations, investigating security incidents and presenting detailed and comprehensive reports with corrective actions taken.

Top Secret/SCI Security Clearance

• Establishes and maintains a system for reviewing implementations of Intelligence Community (IC) and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) policies and procedures for collateral and SCI, providing assessments and recommendations concerning measures that should be taken to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Agency implementations to include development and utilization of innovative approaches and resources .

• Provides management oversight for the security of all of the Agency 's classified programs, including SCI, and manages resources, personnel programs and implementation of all collateral and SCI-associated policies, programs , and initiatives including associated activities and training related to information security, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), collateral spaces, and personnel security (access).

• Responsible for interpreting existing authorities, to include law, Executive Orders, policy, regulations, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) directives on matters pertaining to the handling, protection , use, retention , dissemination , and control of sensitive and classified information, equipment and facilities.

• Manages Agency level collateral and SCI security programs , implementing existing, proposed , and updated information issued by the DNI, the Central Intelligence Agency, ISOO, the Department of Homeland Security, and other national and departmental level authorities that govern collateral and SCI facilities, operations, information, equipment and material.

• Works in concert with existing intelligence, counterintelligence, and cyber threat intelligence functions to develop and review policies and procedures pertaining to all aspects of the national and Departmental classified information, facilities and 4 equipment programs to ensure FDA maintains the capability to comply and coordinate with the intelligence community during day-to-day operations, contingencies, and exercises.

• Responsible for the sharing, reporting and analysis of the security posture for protecting collateral/SCI programs; use of existing and emerging federal and Intelligence Community (IC) products and services; development of effective methods for identifying and disseminating items of interest to the Commissioner , OSSCM Director and Agency senior leadership. • Responsible for assessing the effectiveness of classified activities across the Agency, identifying problems that directly affect the protection of accomplishments of program goals and objectives, and initiating alternatives and corrective actions.

• Independently interprets and implements regulations that are unique to SCI programs and executes responsibilities in accordance with current standards and directives governing SCI • Conducts and monitors self-inspections, training, and other related inspections for all permanent controlled collateral areas and SCI facilities throughout the Agency, providing expert advice and assistance, as required, in standards and procedures regarding access to classified information, equipment, facilities and systems.

• Incumbent will establish, foster and maintain effective working relationships with the IC, ISSO, and other federal departments and agencies.

• Participates on appropriate committees, working groups and task forces to formulate, coordinate, and issue national level guidance or to review and discuss established classified information equipment and facility policies, plans, and procedures which may impact the Agency Must possess
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Top Secret/SCI
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