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Plant Property & Equipment/ Asset Mgmt. Specialist


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Philadelphia, PA 19112

Position Description:
This is a Computer Systems Analyst position. The contractor team will provide Supply Chain Support, Knowledge Transfer, Process Improvement and Implementation, Disposition, Compliance, Warehouse Support, Help Desk Support, and Inventory Support services needed to efficiently and effectively support the Material & Asset Management Divisions’ PP&E/AM, OM&S, FLCN Liaison, and PR Creation programs. The services required for support will fluctuate with the inventory validation cycles and FIAR compliance testing performed.
The analyst reviews and creates documentation which includes existing and emergent Enterprise Resource Planning Guidelines, procedures, business rules, Standard Operating Procedures, regulations, Plan of Actions and Milestones, schedules, memorandums, instructions, and polices, and determines their impact to the NSWCPD OM&S, Purchase Requisition, and Plant Property & Equipment/Asset Management programs. The analyst will review these documents for clarity, consistency, technical accuracy, and ease of use, and will provide comments and recommendations. The applicant will assist in the creation of new documentation and updates of existing documentation and assist in the consolidation, update, and posting of OM&S, Purchase Requisition, and Plant Property & Equipment/Asset Management information on NSWCPD SharePoint.

Primary Responsibilities include:
• Analyze and document existing and emergent NSWCPD Plant Property & Equipment/Asset Management (PP&E/AM) processes, workflows, and roles & responsibilities.
• Identify problem areas, perform root cause analysis, and provide comments and recommendations to improve NSWCPD OM&S, Purchase Requisition, and PP&E/AM.
• Monitor processes and systems, and assist in implementing improvements in the areas of compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness.
• Assist NSWCPD in implementing new requirements impacting the NSWCCD OM&S, Purchase Requisition, and PP&E/AM programs and conduct technical risk assessments.
• Use identifiable metrics to monitor program performance and recommend corrective actions.
• Update documentation and desk guides to accurately track the process and system flow.
• Review and create documentation which will include existing and emergent ERP Guidelines, procedures, business rules, Standard Operating Procedures, regulations, Plan of Actions and Milestones, schedules, memorandums, instructions, and determine their impact to the NSWCPD OM&S, Purchase Requisition, and PP&E/AM programs.
• Provide comments and recommendations to improve PP&E/AM documents and programs.
• Assist in the consolidation, update, and posting of PP&E/AM information on NSWCPD SharePoint.
• Process material requests including physical processing of OM&S and PP&E material movements, storage, packaging, picking, and labeling.
• Assist in maintaining an estimated 100,000 material records. Records shall include proper material coding, tracking status, disposition documentation, transfers issued/required, item usage, item labeling, item location, item storage, items issued, item movements, item availability, item receiving, item shipped, items deemed as repairable, harvested materials, item lead times, troubleshooting material discrepancies and providing corrective actions using government/non-government databases including WebFLIS, FEDLOG, GSA Advantage.
• Conduct inventory validations (floor to book and book to floor). Validation shall include categorizing material type, determining physical inventories on hand, researching discrepancies inventory records, determining material ownership, correcting inventory records, identify inventory valuation using the Fair Market Value Worksheet, initiating DD Form 200 submission, labeling inventory, conducting material transfer orders, and maintaining tracking and approval documentation.

Experience/Education Requirements and Qualifications:
• Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, or a related field.
• In lieu of the education requirement, individuals should have an additional five (5) years of prior military, Department of Defense or related business experience in Plant Property & Equipment /Asset Management beyond the experience requirement below.
• Five (5) years+ of experience with responsibilities for plant property & equipment/asset management accountability, information of property value, equipment utilization, accounting depreciation data, serial number tracking, and property management.
• Experience with responsibilities for managing or leading a team in producing quality deliverables is preferred.
• Working knowledge of Plant Property & Equipment / Asset Management policies and regulations including FMR, FAR, and DoD Instruction 5000.64 is desired.
• Working knowledge of NAVY Enterprise Resource Planning N-ERP is preferred.
• A current SECRET clearance or SECRET Clearance eligibility is required within 60 days after time of award.
Additional Requirements:
• Proven ability to work in a warehouse/storeroom environment where occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs. may be required
• Physically fit to be able to walk short distances to different buildings in the Navy Yard and ability to stay standing for an extended period of time

Herdt Consulting, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. In all business activities; HERDT uncompromisingly adheres to a policy prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, genetics, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or status as a special disabled veteran or other veteran covered by the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, as amended.

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