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ITility is looking for an experienced and qualified Technical Consultant to support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Field Operations Directorate (FOD), in writing policies, instructions, guides, training materials for the transition to ELIS based benefit forms, quality and performance management functions, immigration case productivity analysis, staffing allocation and utilization, human capital modernization, budget management modernization, change management, and administrative improvements identified through the FOD-20/20 framework.

The Field Operations Directorate created FOD 20/20 in June 2014 to help prepare for the challenges and achieve the goals that lie ahead in the year 2020 and beyond. At its core is a focus toward investments that enable employees, managers, and customers to experience a reliably similar working and service environment throughout the nation. Essentially, FOD 20/20 is an agile way to realize the Directorate's mission, vision, and strategic goals through an evolving set of investment projects. It is a framework for change and process improvement that draws on both field ideas and externally mandated requirements, and then launches them FOD-wide.


1. Develop and implement program risk management for 20/20 initiatives to support the Government to recognize, mitigate and manage risks. Identify cost, schedule, performance and delivery models for resources to ensure the Directorate brings the right resources when necessary in support of the transformation of the Citizenship and Family-based Adjustment of Status lines of business.
2. Assist in the creation of documentation (such as process guides, framework documentation, and related materials) that institutionalizes FOD's management approach for integrating projects approved through the 20/20 framework.
3. Support change management activities to include development of marketing materials, drafting communications to support process and technology evolutions and other requirements for ease of transition from legacy business models to new business models.
4. Provide administrative assistance, specifically with the administrative tasks necessary to ensure FOD is able to track actions, maintain contacts, update source data, and ensure timeliness of content on ECN, Adobe, and other communication forums.
5. Facilitate small and large groups to build consensus for a vast array of topics and audiences (process modeling, complex business rules specific to ELIS releases, development of scenarios and narratives, development of lifecycle products to support comprehensive reporting capabilities, roles, and policy and operational requirements, 20/20 plans of action, etc.).
6. Support administration of consensus results throughout focused requirements, development and post-production processes by assisting with the coordination of FOD resources and documenting meeting minutes and tracking actions and hot topics. Assist FOD to help prepare for and manage the transition to ELIS and the implementation of changes associated with 20/20 projects.
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Dept of Homeland Security
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Technical Consultant
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