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Database Budget Management Tool Analyst


ITility, LLC


Posted Date 4 months ago, DC 00000



ITility is looking for an experienced Database/ Budget Management Tool Analyst to provide development and modernization support for the Budget Management Tool (BMT) in support for unifying and standardizing how budget management is planned, executed and reported across the Directorate. The Contractor shall develop and maintain a web based SQL Database or similar BMT to import data from the Agency Financial Management System such as allocations, commitments, obligations and expenditures and report budget activities.


Automate the import and export of data into the BMT for easier use of budget data and reporting.
Provide reporting capability for allocation of funds by quarter and annually. Develop reporting capability by budget object class, commitments, obligations and expenditures across the Directorate.
Provide budget management cascading up and down for Field Office Budget, District Budgets, Regional Budgets and HQ Budgets. Enable reporting to consolidate across the Directorate and individually down to as low as the Field Office.
Provide a capability to track planned expenditures against current and planned allocations. Provide a capability for the budget tool to move planned
expenditures to actual when expenditures occur. Develop capability to monitor and track planned expenses against actual to evaluate effectiveness of budget planning by object class, project and task code.
Provide a user manual and training for the Directorate on the BMT for use across the Field. Update user manual and training plan as new functionality is added or improved within five (5) business days of updates or changes to the
system that affects BMT users. Enable the BMT to be updated at cycles that will provide same capability to the field once HQ BMT is updated.
Ensure BMT is user friendly and can be used by non-budget personnel. Provide a transition to allow the BMT to become a web-based tool, accessible by the web and updated by the web.


Minimum Qualifications:  

* Must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree
* 2 years Financial Database development experience
* Security Clearance: DHS Suitability

Preferred Qualifications:  

* English language fluency
* Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
* Ability to follow written and/or oral directions
* Professional telephone and e-mail etiquette
* Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
* Strong organizational skills
* Ability to multi-task in a fast paced office
* Understanding and application of professional grammar and spelling
* Ability to meet deadlines
* Ability to work as part of a team as well as independently and with minimal supervision

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Dept of Homeland Security
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Database Budget Management Tool Analyst
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