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End User Support (EUS)


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End User Support (EUS)

The goal of End User Support Services is to maintain and return customers to normal IT Operations,
as soon as possible, with the smallest possible impact on the business activity of the organization’s
end user(s). The Candidate shall provide local and remote Technical Support Services for end user
support on the NIPRNET and SIPRNET for Client users/customers/activities located in the National
Capital Region, primarily focused in Ft. Belvoir, VA. The Candidate shall provide more complex
support for IT Solutions software and hardware service request/incident processing for end-user
issues that are not resolved at Initial Response Support level. This support includes the tracking of
incident/service request from receipt through closure using the Client’s Trouble Ticket Tracking
System, the “Commercial Off the Shelf” (COTS) software “BMC Remedy”.
General Experience: Five (5) years of Information Technology (IT) experience including at least
two projects in technical areas included below. At least one project shall have occurred within
the past three (3) years.

Functional Responsibility: Works under general supervision, delivering service in support of End
User IT requirements from inception to conclusion. Develop required specifications for simple to
moderately complex problems. Coordinate with the Team Lead or Project Manager, COTRs, and
Government user representatives to ensure accurate solutions and user satisfaction on technical

Security/Certification Requirements:
Sensitivity Level: IT-II – Non-critical Sensitive
Clearance: Secret
IA Level: IAT-II - Security+ (CE), CASP, CISSP
Computing Environment: Windows 7, Windows10, MCITP-EDA, MCSA, MCSE

Technical Requirements:

Provide End User IT Operations Services/Support to all DLA users/customers of Client information
systems to include the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Routing Network (NIPRNET) and Classified
Secret Internet Protocol Routing Network (SIPRNET), in the National Capital Region, primarily
focused in Ft. Belvoir, VA. All customers, whether in the defined service area, teleworking, working
remotely, or at another duty location shall receive the same high quality service and support.

Qualified candidates will have relevant work experience delivering the following:

Incident Management. Triage, identify, work and resolve IT incidents encountered by IT system
users, by following and complying with approved standard operating procedures. The goal is to
return users to productive service within the timeframes identified in the performance metrics of this

Service Request Management. Resolve IT service requests assigned, by following and complying
with approved standard operating procedures. This includes but may not be limited to request for
,changes in environment, installation, move or change in computing hardware or software, or changes
to the physical infrastructure.

Escalation Management. Immediately escalate Incidents or Service Requests that are outside the
scope of their responsibility to the appropriate work group. The contractor shall follow and comply
with standard operating procedures.

Program Management. Ensure that work performed is efficient and effective and that requirements
and performance goals are met. Review services provided and recommend improvements that will
provide gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

Support Environment. Provide End User Support, to include configuration, build, tear-down,
placement, maintenance and administration for the following types of equipment: desktops, laptops,
thin clients, Windows and Apple Tablets, Scanners and digital plotters, Desktop and Network
printers, iPhones with CAC reader, other mobile devices, monitors and VOIP desk phones and other
devices as defined by the government.

Classified Operations. Support systems and users operating on classified networks and provide
incident response as a result of spillages and systems recovery efforts.

Device Build, maintenance and administration. The vendor shall provide hardware/software
configuration of desktop, laptop, thin clients, mobile devices and printer/scanner devices as required
by Client standards. This shall include setup, installation, initialization, and test of hardware/software,
operating systems (OS), interfaces (user, network, and applications), and standard applications. The
vendor shall perform troubleshooting and reconfigurations due to problems, performance issues, or
requirement changes. Baseline configurations shall be applied using disk-imaging utilities. The
vendor shall utilize the Client standard workstation image, deploy the image to the staged hardware
and deploy the system to IT Systems as required.

IT Incident and Customer Service. The vendor shall resolve IT Incidents assigned to their
workload queues in the government provided Trouble Ticketing System within the timeframes
required in this performance work statement. The timeframe is defined as the time from when the
incident ticket is placed in the support group queue in the trouble ticketing system until the time the
problem is resolved and verified with the user.

IT Service Requests. The vendor shall review, action and resolve IT service requests assigned, to
include documenting resolution and actions taken in the trouble ticketing system. This includes but
may not be limited to request for changes in environment, installation, move or change in computing
hardware or software, or changes to the physical infrastructure. Service requests shall include work
required by another Enterprise Service Area (ESA) in support of overall mission completion.

Software Support. The vendor shall provide software support:

• Provide software integration, identification of products to meet customers’ requirements
current and future.
, • Provide technical support, software installation and configuration.
• Augment support for releases/upgrades/patches, configuration, troubleshooting and resolution
for various software packages.
Provide feedback to Application Developers regarding COTS/GOTS software code or software

Device wiping and restoration. The vendor shall wipe and/ or restore to working order IT
equipment where practical. Devices that have been designated to be no longer useable or to be
disposed of shall be wiped of data in conformance with Client standards.

Installations, Moves, Adds, Changes (IMAC). The vendor shall be responsible for coordination
and the physical execution of Installations/Moves/Adds/Changes (IMACs). One IMAC should
include a workstation, monitor and peripherals associated with an individual, where applicable. One
IMAC should also contain the removal, storage, and subsequent replacement of such equipment
during office furniture modification, and other applicable events, and operational verification once
finished. IMACs shall be completed on the prescribed date on the service request but not later than 5
days from submission.

Mobile Devices. The vendor shall provide sustainment support and the installation, configuration
and maintenance of the Client Enterprise-Wide Mobile Device services, to include, but not limited to:

• Manage, maintain, support, troubleshoot and optimize mobile solution presently in place
while making suggestions and adjustments to future needs. Keep pace with new products and
enhancements to mobile technology.
• Assist the Client in providing technical reviews for mobile computing devices.
• Respond to user requests for service and/or information for their mobile device needs.
• Deploy enterprise applications and software for mobile devices, to include wireless air cards,
access points and Operating system updates.
• Train end users on mobile device technology
• Assist with the deployment of security and device management policies
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Minimum Clearance:
Secret - Security+ (CE), CASP, CISSP
Minimum Experience Required:
5+ yrs experience
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IT - Support
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