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CY - Cyber Security SME


integrateDelivery Inc.


Chantilly 2015

**The customer will accept candidates one skill level lower, which is Expert**
The Systems Engineer will provide engineering support to the entire suite of customer tools. The tool has been and will continue to be delivered in a series of incremental releases that deliver increased functionality and allow analysts to interact with a growing number of analytic tools and data sets.

The successful candidate will work in partnership with an integrated team to:
- assist in the planning and coordination of hardware and software installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades on the development, test and production tiers;
- maintain problem resolution logs;
- maintain current configuration baselines and ensure appropriate documentation within Program Office and with infrastructure partner organization;
- ensure availability of software and hardware on the development, test and production tiers with a heavy emphasis on application server configuration and monitoring;
- work with development teams to define environments for development, test, and production tiers;
- define and manage configuration of performance testing environments;
- coordinate performance testing, engineering and tuning;
- support capacity planning for application hosting environments;
- provide inputs to deliverables, control gates re: environments, system configuration, etc.;
- evaluate results of functional, performance testing for impact to development, test, production tier environments, system response time, etc.
- proactively monitor the system and provide onsite support throughout prime time hours using existing COTS and customized tools;
- initiate formal trouble tickets with infrastructure/application hosting organization as needed;
- work with partner IT project teams to support troubleshooting, isolate root causes of problems, synchronize deliveries, etc.;
- perform general troubleshooting of software and hardware systems reading logs, etc.;
- interact with commercial product vendors to plan installation, perform troubleshooting;
- provide onsite support during deliveries, which may occur on nights or weekends; and
- provide periodic on call support outside of prime time hours to restore systems after outages--must be willing to participate in a team pager rotation cycle and respond as needed.
- willingness to work outside of prime business hours to support emergency production issues and routine system deployments.1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience supporting deliveries to development, test and production web application server environments.

2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience troubleshooting by reading web application server log files.

3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Java application servers (Tomcat) and web servers (Apache).

4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience supporting web-based applications developed in technologies such as: Java, J2EE.

5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Linux or Unix.

6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience in scripting; (Perl, Bash).
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Intel Agency (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc) - Expert
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No Traveling
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