Candidate - How do I add a Job Retriever?

A Job Retriever is a specialized type of search that zeros in on the right jobs for you, using parameters you identify -- from geographic location to salary range. But one of Job Retriever's best features is that it can run unattended, searching for jobs while you're away from your computer; you tell it how often you would like to be notified of new jobs.

It's simple to add a Job Retriever. Anytime you are logged-in, searching for jobs, you can click the 'Save as Job Retriever' link located on the gold bar.

  1. Enter a name for your Job Retriever into the Retriever Name field.
  2. Indicate if you want the retriever to run automatically and if so, how often you would like the results e-mailed to you. If you do not choose to use this feature, you must run each retriever manually from the Job Retriever page.
  3. Click 'Save'. All your search criteria will be saved.


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