Employer - What links should I include in the Links section of my profile?

When editing your profile, the Links section is where you can enter external websites that will be displayed on your profile. The Links section can be found below the Contact Preferences and About You sections.

To add a link, click 'Add' under the Edit column. The top text field is for the name of the Website (i.e. ABC Company). The bottom text field is for the Website URL (i.e. When finished, click 'Done' to save the link.

The up and down arrow buttons located to the left of each link control the order in which your links will be displayed on your profile. Click the 'up' button to move a link up in the order and the 'down' button to move a link down in the order.


ABC Company Jobs
Facebook Page
ABC Company

Any employer with an active account on ClearanceJobs recieves the base features of The Cleared Network, which includes the ability to display 3 Links to external websites on your profile.

If you upgrade to Cleared Network Gold, you can display up to 10 Links on your profile. You can upgrade to Cleared Network Gold at any time!


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