Candidate - What are the benefits of phone verification?

Whether your listed phone number is old, contains a typo, or your voicemail box is full, nothing causes more frustration to employers than bad contact information. By verifying your phone number, you let prospective employers know without a doubt that you are serious about making contact with them. In addition, if an employer is deciding whether to contact you or another similar candidate, phone verification can be the edge in your favor. Set your resume apart from other candidates and get verified.

How does phone verification work?

After you enter your phone number and click the Verify link, our automated system will call that number and read a personal identification number (or PIN) to you over the phone. You then enter the numeric PIN into the form on Successfully entering your PIN means the phone number is yours and verified operational. Your resume profile is updated automatically to reflect that your phone number has been verified, and this is visible to employers.

Is there a cost to verify my phone number?

Phone numbers can be verified for $4.99 per number. The date of verification is displayed next to your phone number. You may re-verify your phone number as often as you like.


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