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Updated Job Title Company Name Location
Today Systems Admin / Info Assurance Specialist Guantanamo Bay
Today Security System Specialist Guantanamo Bay
Today Counter Narcotics Police Advisor/Mentor/Trainer Kabul/herat
Today Radio Technician Kabul
04/22/14 AWACS Engineer Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 E3 AWACS Radar Technician Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Cyber Protection Systems Lead Engineer Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Cyber SME Incident Handlers Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Cyber SME System Operators Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Senior Cyber Architect Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Cyber Protection Training Manager Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Cyber SME System Maintainers Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Logistics Manager 3 Saudi Arabia And Is Currently An Unaccompanied Status
04/22/14 Cyber SME Governance Management Personnel Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 SCOM Engineer / Cyber System Admin 3 Mannheim
04/22/14 Design Manager/Lead Engineer - Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 DBIDS Site Security Manager Qatar
04/22/14 Engineer Electronics 3 - Field Service Representative Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 Mgr Programs 3 Saudi Arabia
04/22/14 ArcSight Administrator / Cyber System Administrator 3 Mannheim
04/22/14 Knowledge Eng/Knowledge Manager: AFG (200K+) Afghanistan
04/22/14 Facility Security Officer (JTF) Guantanamo Bay
04/22/14 Security Support Specialist (JTF) Guantanamo Bay
04/22/14 Program Manager (JTF) Guantanamo Bay
04/22/14 Information Technology Support Specialist (JTF) Guantanamo Bay