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Employer - What are Network Broadcasts?
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A Network Broadcast is a short message sent to your entire network. You can promote open job requirements, company news, hiring events, career fairs, open houses, new contract wins, or any information you want your network aware of.

To send a Network Broadcast, go to Your Network page and enter a short message (up to 200 characters long). To view your message and see how many job seekers will receive your message, click the Next button to see how many job seekers will recieve your message.

You can view previous Network Broadcasts you have sent job seekers in your network on your Network Broadcast Archive page displays all of the broadcast messages you have sent job seekers in your network.

To target your messages to specific job seeker groups in your network by location, security clearance or polygraph level, career level, or industry category, upgrade to Cleared Network Gold.

Last update: 04:40 PM Monday, April 5, 2010

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