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Job Seeker - The status for Job Applications are read, unread, and N/A. What does the N/A mean?
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Employers have the choice of three methods for job seekers to submit job applications:

1) via the website, 2) via external URL, 3) via email address.

When method one is utilized (via the website), we have the ability to track when/if the job application is read. The "n/a" status pertains to job applications from methods two and three above. Since we cannot track whether or not a job application submitted through an employer's website or email address has been viewed, the status is reflected as "n/a."

Last update: 11:59 AM Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Comment of David Fountain:
I applied for an Information Assurance Security Analyst position in Norfolk, VA with Paladin Consulting; but when I checked the status, it was accidentally deleted. I have attempted to reapply; but I keep getting a response that the job has already been applied for. Can this be reset; so I will be able to resubmit an application?

Comment of Coleman:
I to have the same issue, I applied for a position and it was deleted. I am trying to resubmit but it will not let me, it states application has already been submitted.

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