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Whether you're actively job searching or not, The Cleared Network is worth your time. Why?
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Whether you're actively job searching or not, it's easy to get the feeling that your time online isn't always used to your advantage. In your busy world, every second counts, so spend it well...otherwise you could find yourself spending hours playing online games and making random connections without much to show for it. Put the Cleared Network to work to make sure you're spending time online wisely.

If you haven't joined Cleared Network groups, hop to it - it's one stop shopping for relevant links, news, jobs targeted to you and recruiters looking for people like you. Check out our latest groups, "Cleared Huntsville" and "Cleared Logistics Pros." Remember, you have to meet the criteria to join each group. Why? Because we're all about helping you make the best use of your time online, and matching you with the best news, jobs and networking opportunities.

Last update: 10:48 AM Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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